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RAS stands for Rajasthan Administrative Service. Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) conducts this examination. Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) is a Rajasthan state civil service.   

RAS is one of the most reputated jobs offered by the Rajasthan State Government, which includes positions in the government sector department like deputy secretary, deputy commissioner, joint secretary, head of departments, chief secretary, etc.

The RAS exam is conducted in two stages: The first stage is Preliminary, and the Second stage is Main.

Eligibility Criteria for RAS Examination

To give Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) Exam, the Candidate Must Pass Three Criteria Which Are: Age Limit Criteria, Nationality Criteria, And Educations Qualification Criteria.

1. Age Limit Criteria

To give the RAS Exam, a candidate must be a minimum age of 21 and a maximum age of 40. In simpler terms, a candidate must be age minimum of 21 years old and under age of 40 years old.

2. Nationality Criteria

Nationality Criteria is a very simple criterion. To pass this criterion, a candidate must be a citizen of India. Non-Indian citizens or NRIs are not eligible to appear for this RAS examination.

3. Education Qualification Criteria

To pass Education Qualification Criteria, a candidate should hold a graduate degree in any field from a recognized University. One more important thing is candidates who are in their final year of graduation are also eligible for appearing RAS prelim exam.

But while appearing for the Mains exam, the candidate should be completely graduated because they have to submit the proof of completing graduation to be eligible for the Mains Exam.

RAS exam is similar to the Civil Services Exam or IAS Exam. RAS is very challenging and needs a lot of hard work.

The students who want to prepare for RAS had to do a lot of hard work. To prepare well for the exams and clear the exam in the first attempt, students need a mentor or coaching center to guide them.

The Thought Tree is one of the best RAS coaching in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Some of the factors that make The Thought Tree different from the others are discussed below.

Benefits Of Joining The Thought Tree For the RAS Exam Preparation

1. Expert Faculty

The Thought Tree (T3) has expert faculty with a minimum of 8 to 10 years of experience in this teaching field. Some Teachers in The Thought Tree are Ex-Government Employees who themselves had cleared the RAS Examination.

2. Individual Mentorship

The Thought Tree (T3) offers individual mentorship. Mentors give their personal attention to the students. Students feel comfortable and, without any hesitation, clear their doubts and queries with their respected teachers. Mentors guide the students and motivate them with their experience and teaching skills.  

3. Study Materials

T3 provides study material to their students. The study material is fully made according to the RAS examination. This helps students a lot during their preparation.

4. Hand Written Notes

T3 teachers provide their students with handwritten notes. This helps students to study and concentrate on the main topics covered by their teachers. Teacher’s handwritten notes are also useful at the time of revision.

5. Zero To Mastery

The Thought Tree starts teaching its students from a very basic level. They clear the concepts of every student present under them.

6. Offline And Online Classes: 

T3 offers both offline and online classes RAS coaching in jaipur so that students who cannot attend offline classes can always join online classes. There’s no difference in the teaching of online and offline classes. Doubts and queries are always cleared in both offline and online classes.

7. Current Affairs  

The Thought Tree teachers keep their good focus on current affairs, as it is one of the important subjects in the examination like RAS. They give their notes and their analysis to the students and cover this subject on a daily basis. Teachers use The Hindu, Indian Express, and Times Of India for notes and analysis of Current Affairs.

8. Scholarships Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities are available for students in both offline and online classes. It is very beneficial for those students who cannot afford the entire fees but have the will and capability to study and clear the exam in one attempt.

9. Fees Installment Facility

T3 also has a fees installment facility for both online and offline classes. It is also beneficial for students who can’t afford to pay entire fees at one time.

10. Small Batch

T3 keeps their batches small, which helps teachers to concentrate more on students in their class and clear their doubts and queries daily. As with more students, it will become difficult for teachers to clear their doubts and queries in one day; some students’ queries will be left out because of the number of students present in the class.

11. Answer Writing Practice

Answer writing practice is one of the very important things when preparing for a RAS examination. T3 asks the students to write answers daily, which helps students a lot in preparation for the exam.

12. Mock Tests And Revisions

The Thought Tree takes revisions regularly, and they also take Mock tests for students’ guidance, understanding, and practice.

13. Up To Date Course Modules

T3 always keeps its course modules and study materials up to date. So that students will not lack in preparations because of out-of-date study materials and course modules.

14. Syllabus

The Thought Tree and its teachers believe mainly in sticking to the syllabus. Teachers teach the students according to the syllabus, as the syllabus is important while preparing for the examination. Exam papers are made based on the given syllabus.


RAS is a tough nut to crack. Students need to do a lot of hard work with determination to clear the exam. Good coaching and a mentor can guide the students in the right direction. So we have tried to help you by sharing the best RAS coaching institute. I hope this will help you.

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