Sublimation Mugs Wholesale Kolkata, Delhi and Noida

by pinkiadhikari
Published: March 28, 2023 (6 months ago)

Motivate Box is the leader of Sublimation Mugs Wholesale from Kolkata & Delhi. Without transitioning to the liquid state, sublimation is the process by which a substance goes from a solid to a gas. The product of sublimation depends on the substance being sublimed.
For example, when solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) is heated, it undergoes sublimation and turns directly into a gas. The product of sublimation in this case is gaseous carbon dioxide.
Similar to this, when heated solid iodine sublimates and instantly transforms into a purple gas. Gaseous iodine is the end result of sublimation in this situation. Sublimation is utilized in different applications such as in the creation of freeze-dried food, and air fresheners, and in the purification of certain chemicals in chemistry.