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by Rahul
Published: April 2, 2022 (3 months ago)

HighJump Warehouse Management System is a software platform with specialized WMS solutions intended to help businesses manage complex supply chains effectively while minimizing operational expenses.

The technology is designed to keep up with challenges related to eCommerce growth and the shift towards omnichannel retail models, which tend to complicate logistics personnel. Functionalities that are integrated onto the platform prioritize both customer and regulatory compliance.

HighJump WMS has agile and innovative capabilities to help businesses build supply chain technologies that allow quick and intelligent responses to market needs. All the features are provided through a scalable and mobile-enabled execution platform.

HighJump WMS Features:

– Receiving and Put-away
– Inventory Management
– Warehouse Transfers
– Cross-docking
– Order and Wave Management
– Picking and Packing

HighJump WMS Benefits:

– HighJump Warehouse Management System boasts advanced functionalities for unique business processes. Operations and IT teams can own optimization and build differentiation, with no requirements for source code modifications or high services bills.
– HighJump WMS can be rolled out fast and is easy to use, but does not compromise on capabilities for large volume and complex enterprises. Requirements related to a distribution model, industry regulations, operational complexity, and business objectives are all available. Program features are flexible and scalable for different businesses, such as single distribution centers to multi-facility global organizations.
– HighJump WMS integrates with major ERP systems, which helps reduce implementation time and cost through a systematic implementation process. The system also consistently maintains deep technical expertise with most ERP systems and, upgrades integrations carefully so that the quality of work is not compromised.

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