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by referloan
Published: March 5, 2022 (3 months ago)

A home is always a safest place, and no matter where you stay only after coming Home Loan you feel relaxed but for that relaxation a lot of planning is required. Many people still stay in rent and think a lot to buy own house but their decision always back and forth due to financial problems but staying in rented house is also not the solution. As buying a new house or purchasing a plot or an apartment, all cost too much and for a normal people its just become a dream of buy a home for us but a smart person gets a home easily without financial suffering.

How to get funds for Home Its just the first question which strikes the human mind first time – because a normal 1 room flat cost Rs.15 Lakhs and it’s become impossible for a person with a monthly salary of Rs.20,000 with other family financial needs. Even if a person manages to save Rs.15 Lakhs to pay to buy a home – then also a person has to face the TAX problems which could be challenging.

What’s the solution to get Home To save from all these financial problems in home – Apply for Home Loan with ReferLoan where you don’t only get the flexibility to pay the loan amount withing huge tenure but also you will get several TAX benefits as well like – under section 24(b), Section 80EEA, and many more. With all this benefits a person can able to save up to Rs.3 Lakhs when apply home loan (Tax Benefit Under Section 80EEA valid till march 2022)

Instantly Apply for Home Loan It became easy to apply Home Loans with ReferLoan and the purpose for home loan are sky rocketed like Home Loan, Loan for bungalow or independent House Loan for apartments, Loan for plot and many more. You can also apply for Home Loan renovation as well and when you apply for Home Loan with ReferLoan, you’ll get a property Insurance with premium benefit at low rates. Why ReferLoan for Home Loan ReferLoan is a leading fintech company and more than 200+ Banks and NBFCs are tied up with ReferLoan and more than 80 Banks and NBFCs are available with home loan at attractive Home Loan interest Rates @6.70% and so on. With all this, the eligibility criteria for home loan Is also very simple like if your CIBIL score in 700+ and age between 25 years to 60 Years with minimum salary of Rs.25,000/- then congratulations you are half way there to build your dream home. (For more eligibility click here) With attractive rate of interest – ReferLoan expert will help you to save lots of unwanted charges and logged in your Home Loan documents in compatible Banks as well. they will guide you throughout your journey even after you get the Loan amount. Is that Easy to get the Loan amount for maximum up to 20 years and more without any Limitations on loan amount which you’ll get directly into your Bank account with ReferLoan fast Loan disbursal Rates. Strop Dreaming for a New Home anymore and start thinking about the decorations ReferLoan will fulfil your financial need of buying a home with full security with property Insurance.