Connect With Ankit Jain

by Ankit Jain
Published: April 4, 2022 (3 months ago)

Ever felt the unstoppable urge to create something so amazing that would solve the problems of those around you?


If your answer is YES, welcome to the group. I am one of those.


I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. Some of my projects include building Code plug software for Motorola, which helped configure the next-generation public safety radios, national wireless carrier and Covid Prevention Gear. 


After a career in software engineering, I always dreamt of creating a community of top innovators dedicated to discovering creative solutions and disruptive products. 


This dream came true with the foundation of the space called House of Ankit. The House of Ankit is home to some of the most hyper-focused and motivated entrepreneurs to innovate and develop trend-disruptive products in the Smart Home field. 


Currently, I am on a mission to develop an AI-powered super finance app called Six, which will be the last financial transaction app people will ever need! 


Project Six is already progressing at a faster pace, with new partners being added every passing day. 


With that being said, I am very excited to meet the head of banks, Fintech and crypto investors who dream of disrupting the Fintech arena. 

If you are one of those individuals, let’s explore ideas together.

Ankit Jain – Join me on my journey to disrupt the Fintech field and create a frictionless banking experience for upcoming generations.